From Landscaping Design to Lawncare and Hardscape, we’re you’re source for landscaping expertise.  With over 15 years of experience, we can make your yard into an urban sanctuary, and keep it looking beautiful, month-in and month-out.

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Landscape Design in Kitchener-Waterloo & Surrounding Area

Every property has unique needs that must be met for a landscaping design upgrade to be valuable. From the needs of your lawn to the need to improve how precipitation flows on your property, Great White Landscaping & Snow Removal Ltd. provides a wide range of services that are designed to meet the needs of most properties.

Here are just some of the highlights of the services we provide to Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding areas:

  • Lawn care. Lawn installation, mowing services, aeration, and general lawn care.
  • Curb appeal improvements. Flagstone paving, mulch services, and hardscaping.
  • Commercial landscaping. Mulching services, retaining walls, and other general maintenance needs.



From Mowing to Retaining Walls, We Do It All

Curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to increase property value. Small upgrades in your landscaping can be installed quickly and the result is a major upgrade in the sales price of a home. Great White Landscaping & Snow Removal Ltd. are your Kitchener-Waterloo and surround area experts at creating curb appeal on a budget that works for you. With more that 15 years of experiencing serving you, our punctual, professional staff look forward to meeting your needs.

Lawn Care Services in Kitchener-Waterloo and Surrounding Area

At Great White Landscaping & Snow Removal, we offer a full package of services that can be individually tailored to meet the needs of your lawn. From regular mowing to overseeding to seasonal aeration, our skilled lawn technicians will evaluate your lawn all year long to make sure it stays healthy and green.

There are many issues that can affect the quality of a lawn in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding area. We’ll address these problems immediately upon discovery.

  • Bare or brown patches.
  • A general faded appearance.
  • Thick thatch that is preventing seed growth.

Our reliable lawn technicians are fully licensed and insured, trained to take care of any need that a lawn may have. We will scout out sprinkler heads and mark them before beginning to mow. Topdressing, slit seeding, and fertilizer applications when seasonally appropriate are all options as well.


A Green Lawn Is a Healthy Lawn

Whether you want your lawn mowed for the weekend so it looks fantastic for company or you have a lawn that is in need of some tender loving care, Great White Landscaping & Snow Removal has the staff, equipment, and experience to exceed your expectations. We’ve served Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding area for over 15 years and will help you establish and maintain a healthy, green lawn all season long.

To speak to a helpful company representative or learn more about our lawn care services, call 519-648-3735


Let us mow for you

We all love summer.  Who wants to spend their free time mowing their lawn?  Let Great White Landscaping take care of your routine yard maintenance and free you up to enjoy more of your free time this summer.

Stone Work in Kitchener-Waterloo & Surrounding Area

Stone work and hardscaping has come to Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding Area thanks to Great White Landscaping & Snow Removal and it is something you’re going to want to consider. This landscaping option is a relatively new term for a relatively traditional curb appeal addition. It simply refers to any hard surface that is part of your landscaping. Your concrete patio, a driveway, or a walking path made of flagstone are all hardscaping options.

The benefits of hardscaping can be summed up with these three key points.

  • It endures. Hardscaping requires very little maintenance, but it still maintains its beauty.
  • It holds value. Properly installed hardscaping can last for more than a decade and maintain its curb appeal value throughout its entire lifespan.
  • It reflects your creativity. Intricate walls, paths, and other features are all part of modern hardscaping so you’re not left with a bland, empty concrete slab.

Hardscape Solutions

Best of all, hardscaping looks good in any season. Instead of a brown patch of lawn after winter recedes, you’ll still have something beautiful to look at. With over 15 years of landscaping experience that includes the installation of hardscaping features, Great White Landscaping & Snow Removal are your Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding area experts at creating designs that reflect who you are.

Add Value To Your Home

Hardscape is a really great way to add curb appeal to your home and increase both your enjoyment from it, and its resale value.  We can provide you a non-obligation estimate for your next driveway or patio project.